Data Sourcing

Data Sourcing

Better data equals better results

DataLab’s two data affiliate companies are authorized resellers of both credit and demographic data from the nation’s leading data suppliers.

The credit data maintained at DataLab include full agent copies from all 3 bureaus, each with thousands of attributes, weekly transactional files tracking credit changes across hundreds of attributes, daily inquiry triggers, and a multitude of property and auto x-date fields. Furthermore, DataLab installs, processes, and maintains national files from over a dozen leading national and specialty demographic data providers. DataLab has sells over 1 billion prospect names annually.

DataLab processes approximately 2.5 trillion name-attribute combinations every month, or more than 11,000 attributes for more than 220 million U.S. consumers across its more than 20 files. All of these assets are installed onsite at DataLab, are accessible in a production environment, and are available uniquely to DataLab’s clients.

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