Addressable TV

Addressable TV

Household level targeted TV advertising

What is it?
Addressable TV is displaying TV ads using household-level analytical profiling and segmentation.

How does is it work?
Addressable subscribers have a set top box with a unique identifier. The box utilizes software that allows the network provider to serve custom ads to that household. DataLab scores prospects using your CRM data and matches it to the subscriber files. This is how target households are selected. The ads are exposed to the target households. After the campaign is complete, results can be measured by matching exposed households with response data and control groups. See how powerful addressable TV can be by checking our addressable TV case study.

How do I get started?
DataLab offers addressable TV data prep and analytics services which help your brand target the best prospects available. DataLab will provide a direct introduction to the satellite and cable providers so you can traffic your ads. Through our partnerships with Comcast, Dish, DirecTV and Cablevision you can get your ads to over 55 million households.

Will it work for me?
Contact us today for a free match of your CRM or prospect records to our addressable TV universe.

  • • Highly Targetable

    Targets customers on a household level

  • • HIGHLY Measurable

    Contrasts treated vs control groups

  • • Customized Messages

    Displays relevant ads

  • • Transparency and Control

    Wastes less media dollars