Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct mail is efficient and cost effective

Direct mail is still one of the most cost effective channels in modern marketing. DataLab USA has successfully run thousands of direct mail campaigns for clients over the past 35 years. Our access to an extensive variety of data teamed with our award winning predictive modeling techniques make us a top performer in the industry.

The average household only receives two pieces of direct mail a day, compared to over 50 e-mails and 100+ display ads. Direct mail gives you an opportunity to deliver your full message. Return on investment is relatively easy to calculate compared to other marketing channels.

Here is a CASE STUDY where we successfully improved results of an existing highly targeted program for a regional insurance company.

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  • • Highly Trackable

    Easy to measures response and ROI

  • • Highly Targetable

    Focuses on best prospects

  • • Produces Less Clutter

    Attracts more attention

  • • Gets Full Message Across

    Delivers entire offer