Email marketing

Strategic email execution drives results

For today’s businesses, the engagement of new prospects through the email marketing channel plays a critical role in new customer acquisition. On average, email marketing yields a 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the US (according to the Direct Marketing Association). DataLab USA can ensure that this channel converts to real success for clients through the use of email marketing best practices and innovative campaign selection strategies.

Compared to direct mail, email delivers faster results at a lower price per piece. Why wait months for direct mail results to mature when you can send an email campaign that can provide results within a week? An email channel also allows you to reach your prospects faster – you control when your prospects see your selected creatives and how often, not the postal service.

DataLab USA as an email marketing partner offers so much more than data and results. We offer key aggregated and analytical insights as well as test strategy consultation that has a proven success record with our clients. How can we help grow your business through email marketing? Contact us today.

  • • Fast Delivery

    Delivers your message in seconds

  • • Inexpensive

    Costs less per item

  • • Highly Measureable

    Gauges creative performance

  • • Drives Results

    Produces high ROI