DataLab USA Triples Scale of Luxury Vacations

DataLab USA successfully tripled the scale of the direct mail program while maintaining the target cost per member metrics.


An international private vacation club wanted to grow its marketable universe.  Focusing only on the ultra-wealthy, the company needed a way to identify only those prospects that could afford the product, and had an affinity for travel. Prior marketing efforts had focused solely on a handful of vertical lists, mailing each one approximately every 90 days.


DataLab’s Approach:

DataLab took six months of campaign experience and appended numerous data sets that have shown discriminatory power in the ultra-wealthy marketplace.  This included not just classic ITA attributes such as home value and income, but more granular wealth indicators such as net worth, discretionary income and credit card payment information.

Using these data points, DataLab:

  • • Built a series of response and conversion models to help guide mail selections
  • • Identified a large swap-in data set of wealthy prospects who had not been previously part of the marketing universe (all sourced from DataLab’s ITA database)

DataLab moved the client to a regimented selection process that relied on both the models and wealthy prospects identified, and eliminated the reliance on purchasing vertical lists.  Prospects were mailed in 30, 60 and 90 day testing buckets to optimize the ideal touch point and creative rotation strategy.


The Results:

DataLab successfully tripled the scale of the program while maintaining the target cost per member metrics.  Lead flow into the sales center has set records month after month, which in turn has led the Company to new heights in regards to active customer base.


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